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Spring has sprung lampworking workshop

September 7, 2009

The very first workshop of spring was a flaming success. With a full studio there were lots of laughs to be had. Stephanie, Laurel, Judy, Catherine and Tracey were off to a great start pulling stringers. We then moved onto making beads, round ones were the aim but alas the efforts were there 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you ladies at the torch again.


Hot Stuff Beginners Workshop Day 1 & 2

August 2, 2009

What a wicked weekend we had gals! learning heaps of techniques starting with a round bead and ending on encased florals such a fabulous effort by all. I was suitably impressed with everyones flowers they worked out so well and the spacing between petals was spot on (Excuse the pun :)) Lynn Zingel, Trish Knox, Sandra Sayers and Robyn Thomas were all included in the workshop and can be seen below concentrating, having fun and pulling stringers… fabulous beads ladies thank you for a wonderful weekend of teaching.

2009.06.27 Karen Irwin Organic Beads & Double Helix workshop

June 29, 2009

Hell’s teeth this was the most fun I’ve had in my studio since Kathy’s ArtClay workshops! Karen who won the best lampworked category for the 2009 Glass Bead competition was kind enough to create a workshop to teach us how to free our minds. Possibly one of the hardest workshops I’ve done as I had to not be ‘anal’ in my bead design. I could barely cope. Karen starts a bead and then let’s it tell her where it wants to go no planning just pure relaxed creative design. Well you can imagine my orderly balanced and perfectly planned approach was not allowed to venture into this workshop. Karen however knew this may be the case and she had us play musical beads. Each started a bead and the after a few minutes we had to pass the bead around each of us adding on each turn. What an amazing experience of freeing the mind and letting go of planning. using Double Helix glass we ventured into unkown terroitories of design including silver foil, mesh and murini elements. What an excellent workshop, well done Karen we will definitely have you back again!!

Natasha Simm NZ’s first female glazier go girl!

June 29, 2009

Natasha flew up from South Island. Natasha was the first female glazier in NZ and I must say glass is in the blood. Interestingly Natasha bought the full studio kit and then had no idea where to begin. Thank you so much for choosing Born to Bead as the start of your journey. I hope you have a fabulous time making beads down South especially now the weather is cold enough to keep you indoors torching it up 🙂

2009.06.14 Beginners Workshop Day 2

June 29, 2009

Jo and Bobbie performing at their best! Jo considering your first flame experience was the day before you really blossomed on Day 2. Both of you had excellent bead results and I was very happy with your encased flowers they were amazing! well done. Happy beading and cannot wait to see what comes out of both your studios in the near future!

2009.06.13 Beginners workshop Day 1

June 29, 2009

A full workshop and a very joyous one at that. Lots of fun was to be had by all 🙂 Frances was given a Red Balloon Days voucher and she chose to spend it at Born to Bead. Not only that but she also managed to bring her friend Trudy along. Lucky ladies 🙂 Helena also through Red Balloon Days had a fabulous time extending her introduction workshop to the full day. Finally Leeanne who has been back (your beads are gorgeous from yesterdays rental!) well done ladies, hope to see you all back here for some fun with molten glass 🙂

2009.04.18 Dan, Philippa & Helen Beginners workshop day 1

June 29, 2009

Finally! a man in my studio. Not to overshadow the gals as they made incredible beads, but welcome to the community Dan. I hate to make an example of Dan but it is so great to have men who love hot things to come and try lampworking. This was a fabulous workshop and Helen and Philippa can be very proud of her beads. The overall bead results were fabulous, we had relatively round and balanced beads, lots of interesting colour combinations, and most of all laughs and enjoyment all round. Well done guys, see you in the community. Dan Philipa good luck with your overseas adventures.

2009 Bobbie Pene One on One

June 29, 2009

There are few students who get it right away. Bobbie is one of those. After a full day of one on one tuition she ran out and bought the kit, don’t blame her she is great at beadmaking. Remember Bobbie when you get famous let everyone know I taught you 🙂 below are some pics of Bobbies first stringer, first round bead and subsequently her beads that she has made and sold one bracelet already! Well done Bobbie keep up the good work and inspiring designs.

2009.03.04 Vicky One on One Training

March 18, 2009

One on One training is truly becoming very popular especially for those who wish to fit the workshops into their own schedule. Vicky is also a very talented artist who is into felting check it out



2009.03.08 Beginners Day 2 workshop

March 18, 2009

Challenging and inspiring. I was very impressed with the results from this workshop. Andrea in particular did exceptionally well. having only completed the workshop the day before look at her amazing bead! Justine has come a long way with her skill and we are very happy to have been on this journey with her. Although Satomi has to bow out early in the workshop we look forward to having her in on the next Beginners Course Day 2