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Lost Spring Photo shoot

September 6, 2009

What an amazing day. Katrina Johns from Accent Photographyand myself took a model 2 assistants and my friend who fast became art director with her “America’s Top model” experience and we jetted off to The Lost Spring in Whitianga Coromandel.

Katrina is selling a new product called Trash your wedding dress, where you get to have amazing photos of you in your dress that you never dreamed possible. The Lost Spring was an amazing experience and we just had so much fun I had to include it in my blog… check out the photos


Yippeee – And I got second place

July 21, 2009

Flame Lilies Focal beadWicked, First place with Vicky Hunt for the Taniwha and now also second place for my Flame Lillies bead!!!! very proud and very fired up to be creative.

First Place Winners

July 16, 2009

Taniwha_01smallYay, Vicky Hunt and myself collaborated for our entry to the annual Step by Step Beads Magazine competition. Entering the Fabulous sea Monster Taniwha into the Other Beaded category has won us 1st place. You will be able to read about this in the November issue of the magazine and it will be announced on their website.

The Taniwha has been beautifully created with the use of Vicky’s amazing felting techniques and my lampwork beads. Pretty much Vicky’s design so she has been listed as the primary artist on the collaboration.

A wonderful experience and I can highly recommend getting involved in collaborations with artists outside your field as it expands your thinking.

Winner of 2009 NZGBA annual Bead competition

June 9, 2009

This years competition was Translations – Translate your world. I made a world bead which in light of the Antarctic Wilkins shelf recently separating from Antarctica I felt was very fitting. The bead serves as an eco-statement to highlight the fragility of our planet Earth. Global warming and it’s effect on the polar ice caps joined by the important of the existing major currents holds our ecosystems and lives in the balance. The bead is titled Fragile

Annie Rose Bead Week – Great Success

May 21, 2009

Picture10The Annie Rose annual bead week has just gone by and yet again the event was a raving success. Every year gets better. This year we had Emily Lake and Kathryn Wardill as our guest tutors. What a blast.2009.05kwteaching

2009.05eltutorEmily Lake offered a workshop using gold stone, dichroic mosaic and off mandrel looped pendants. What a fabulous workshop thank you Emily yet again for your amazing tutoring skills and dedicated assistance. I learnt heaps. the first bead we had to write our names! with a goldstone stringer. Just when I thought a double barrel name was sexy 🙂 Emily guided us through the exciting world of dichroic and I learnt heaps about how to layer and manage the strips to create a scintillatingbackground. I tried my first marble mmm unsuccessfully, those prongs are somewhat interesting to manage without creating divets in your glass surface. Alas pretty proud of it none the less.


2009.05kwhollowKathryn Wardill was unreal and I urge anyone who has her in your region to go go go. We learnt so many things. the biggest for me was seaming hollow beads. What a pleasure and now my hollows have beautiful even walls all round, thank you Kathryn!!









We also made the most awesome sculptural beads. The workshop was taught using Bullseye. Now typically I don’t use Bullseye as my preference. However, I have found it to be far more agreeable to sculptural beads. We made Goddess beads, although mine got aptly dubbed slutty angels during the workshop. Something about the fish net stockings, large full breasts and her hands behind her back. Erm did I mention the delicious nipples. Yup we also learnt how to use CZ’s. I also made a prostitute bead in bondage although I may rename her as that doesn’t sound marketable, gave us lots of laughs in the class though so all good 🙂 And then let’s not forget the birds on a branch, Kathryn challenged me for 5 but I only managed 4. I must say they worked out better than I anticipated. they have 3 layers of orange in their beaks just because every time I thermal shocked a leaf I’d heat the bead and melt their beaks. So it became a balancing act between leaves and beaks until I Gave up. I was also astounded at the stability of Bullseye to not burn, they was amazing.

 Striped stringers, iris flowers, twisted cane, fish and the list goes on. A week of lots of learning and many beautiful beads. I tried my hand at cold working and now have enormous respect for Kathryn’s beads, sheesh using an engraving tool on a round glass surface was hysterical the result requires lots of practise.If this was not enough to fill a week of fun we also split the days buy Poodling for coffess in the town basin, I kid you not, when you book for next year stay with Annie Rose, a blast for sure.

Madhatters Tea Party (Read Beads of Courage below as well)

April 2, 2009

Thank you to everyone who made it and I’m so sorry that you all couldn’t make it as we had an amazing!! party. The day was fantastic and we had really great weather (thank you Mr Universe, sorry Sydney).

 I have to ask did anyone actually drink any tea? Sporting a hangover I found that no tea pots were used so as a Tea Party I guess we failed miserably. But if we had a bubbles and beer party I think we were somewhat successful. As far as the Madhatter goes we were very successful, thanks to everyone who came hatted out, my hat got ditched early as it slowly collapsed and eventually I had tunnel vision with no peripheral capability… or maybe that was the bubbles mmmm. We even had the caterpillars tent which sported a Shisha that hasn’t been used for many many years, with a dedicated friend on the coal hunt, some kiwi ingenuity and a little garden hose we got the blasted thing puffing, note to lampworkers the torch is the ultimate shisha coal lighter 🙂 (oh yes what happened to all my lighters from the studio people?)

Alas at 2am we were discussing the pitfalls of dolphins, the etiquette of sporting a giant inflatable rat in protests, and the irritation of being in Countdown behind an Elephant with a giraffe at the head of the queue trying to fish out his money without opposable thumbs (I kid you not)… Madhatters tea party a success? Hell yes.

Beads of Courage in full swing

April 2, 2009

What an amazing day we couldn’t have asked for a better day in weather. Did anyone else notice that Sunny Sydney is flooding and Rainy Auckland is sunbathing… I’m just saying I noticed it 🙂

The day started with an unreal show of volunteers for the Beads of Courage program. The Times article has generated a wonderful increase in interest to help us donate beads to the Child Cancer Foundation. The CCF let the children in our know we had the day happening and we had a few visitors come over to see how their beads are made. A big thank you to everyone for the help and visitation. It was fantastic for us as artists to meet children that are directly benefiting from the program. Now us lampworkers have to get melting as we need way more beads than volunteers, don’t clean your beads as we can do that on the day of the next BOC.

beadsofcourageteamsmall The team who volunteered with Beads of Courage a big thanks to everyone it was initiationmuch appreciated. here we have Sean getting initiated by Karilea in the art of grinning and bearing it when a rod experiences thermal shock





here we have everyone hard at work, Debbie and Eva cutting and packing, Frances, Helen, Kari and Liz lampworking and me being totally paparazzi bochappykiddies. Happy children helping Debbie package beads,


All in all a very successful Beads of Courage day and hopefully we’ll have many more as productive as this day, we have packaged up an additional 30 beads so it’s very exciting that we can actively contribute. Annie Rose were very kind enough not only to shut shop and join us (MWHA I love you guys) but they also donated a whole heap of beads for the program.

I am unsure how to handle money donations as we are really running this program as a voluntary program, however we need to pay for boxes for the Butterfly beads. I am looking to negotiate a manner in which you can purchase the boxes from the company who provides them as part of your donations. Stay posted I’ll be emailing you all to ask for your help with this.

2009 Royal Easter Show

March 18, 2009

This year NZSAG is taking a table managed by Pam Olver. I have been invited to conduct live demonstrations for the show. I’ll be there from 10h00 – 17h00 on both the Thursday and the Monday. All beads developed will be donated to the Beads of Courage program. This is very exciting as I am an avid supporter and offer the Born to Bead studio one morning a month to make beads for the program. I am hoping to make some Hearts and very ornate special beads that I think are a reward for bravery. Hope to see you there

Wanganui Glass Festival

February 4, 2009

I’ve just received word that they are planning the 2009 Wanganui glass festival and we will be hearing the details sooner than later. This year they are also looking to include a jazz music festival. I would like to propose us hiring a van and have a retreat with a few of us. I’ll work on costings and see what packages we can come up with for us to share the drive down. There will be workshops available as well for those who wish to try their hand at glass fusing with David Traub, and hot glass at Chronicle glass studios.

Here’s what happened at the 2008 glass festival, great fun! had by all.

2008 Wanganui Glass Festival…
Year on year the Wanganui Glass festival is growing not just in size but in quality and experience. I absolutely LOVED the festival this year. My friend (Helen Moore from Moore beads) decided to take a road trip to the festival and see what it was all about. Following a somewhat late night and pickled celebratory evening after the NZGBA first (very successful) opening evening of our 2008 Wearable Glass Exhibition; Helen and I hopped into the car at 06h30 and headed down to Wanganui. The trip by Wises standards should have taken an approximate 6hrs, we managed to stretch that to 9hrs. Such a glorious day of sunshine and cloudless skies we were greeted halfway by the magnificent Mt Ruhapehu and had to stop for a few hours on the mountain. catching the shuttle up as we weren’t sure of the roads Helen and I bought tourist passes and faffed in the snow like real Jaffa’s boots and all.

The whole main street has glass artists exhibited in shop windows, everyone of note from Katie Brown to David Traub, Dominic Burrell, Karen Ellett, Greg Hall, Lyndsay Patterson, Brendon Sole, Rachel Ravenscroft, Mark Rolinson, Larinae Steward and our very own Donna Sole. The list was extensive too many literally to mention here and with that alone I was very impressed. Not to mention the beautiful town of Wanganui! Tulips and blossom trees lining the streets, fantastic cafes with delightful decor, boutique shopping that would appease the average Jaffa appetite and an ambiance of peace and happiness. Not once did we feel threatened so all those who warned us about dangerous Wanganui have yet to experience Danger Danger in Whangarei.

We had the pleasure of attending UCOL’s student exhibit and regretted missing the opening ceremony at Chronicle Glass studio.

This is a festival not to be missed next year and I urge you if ever you played with marbles and grew a love for glass objects you simply cannot miss this festival next year.

Eventually arriving in Wanganui we stayed at the most amazing lodge, The Anndion Lodge. Fantastic little place suggested by Barbara Bullock another NZGBA member.

Anndion Lodge

MaryTV expose of lampworking & Beads of Courage

December 18, 2008

The Beads of Courage program is a very niche charity program that we as lampworkers can become very involved with. There are few opportunties such as these where we can offer our art to a child who has reached a milestone in their treatment or has had to undergo an act of courage during their journey. It holds a special place in my heart to be able to offer an open studio where artists can gather and put their hearts and soul into beads for these children.

Last week we were very fortunate to have The Born to Bead studio aired on MaryTV, an internet based TV station here in New Zealand. Click below to view the interview.

please note this content is copyright by MaryTV and Born to Bead Ltd