2009.06.27 Karen Irwin Organic Beads & Double Helix workshop

Hell’s teeth this was the most fun I’ve had in my studio since Kathy’s ArtClay workshops! Karen who won the best lampworked category for the 2009 Glass Bead competition was kind enough to create a workshop to teach us how to free our minds. Possibly one of the hardest workshops I’ve done as I had to not be ‘anal’ in my bead design. I could barely cope. Karen starts a bead and then let’s it tell her where it wants to go no planning just pure relaxed creative design. Well you can imagine my orderly balanced and perfectly planned approach was not allowed to venture into this workshop. Karen however knew this may be the case and she had us play musical beads. Each started a bead and the after a few minutes we had to pass the bead around each of us adding on each turn. What an amazing experience of freeing the mind and letting go of planning. using Double Helix glass we ventured into unkown terroitories of design including silver foil, mesh and murini elements. What an excellent workshop, well done Karen we will definitely have you back again!!


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