Annie Rose Bead Week – Great Success

Picture10The Annie Rose annual bead week has just gone by and yet again the event was a raving success. Every year gets better. This year we had Emily Lake and Kathryn Wardill as our guest tutors. What a blast.2009.05kwteaching

2009.05eltutorEmily Lake offered a workshop using gold stone, dichroic mosaic and off mandrel looped pendants. What a fabulous workshop thank you Emily yet again for your amazing tutoring skills and dedicated assistance. I learnt heaps. the first bead we had to write our names! with a goldstone stringer. Just when I thought a double barrel name was sexy 🙂 Emily guided us through the exciting world of dichroic and I learnt heaps about how to layer and manage the strips to create a scintillatingbackground. I tried my first marble mmm unsuccessfully, those prongs are somewhat interesting to manage without creating divets in your glass surface. Alas pretty proud of it none the less.


2009.05kwhollowKathryn Wardill was unreal and I urge anyone who has her in your region to go go go. We learnt so many things. the biggest for me was seaming hollow beads. What a pleasure and now my hollows have beautiful even walls all round, thank you Kathryn!!









We also made the most awesome sculptural beads. The workshop was taught using Bullseye. Now typically I don’t use Bullseye as my preference. However, I have found it to be far more agreeable to sculptural beads. We made Goddess beads, although mine got aptly dubbed slutty angels during the workshop. Something about the fish net stockings, large full breasts and her hands behind her back. Erm did I mention the delicious nipples. Yup we also learnt how to use CZ’s. I also made a prostitute bead in bondage although I may rename her as that doesn’t sound marketable, gave us lots of laughs in the class though so all good 🙂 And then let’s not forget the birds on a branch, Kathryn challenged me for 5 but I only managed 4. I must say they worked out better than I anticipated. they have 3 layers of orange in their beaks just because every time I thermal shocked a leaf I’d heat the bead and melt their beaks. So it became a balancing act between leaves and beaks until I Gave up. I was also astounded at the stability of Bullseye to not burn, they was amazing.

 Striped stringers, iris flowers, twisted cane, fish and the list goes on. A week of lots of learning and many beautiful beads. I tried my hand at cold working and now have enormous respect for Kathryn’s beads, sheesh using an engraving tool on a round glass surface was hysterical the result requires lots of practise.If this was not enough to fill a week of fun we also split the days buy Poodling for coffess in the town basin, I kid you not, when you book for next year stay with Annie Rose, a blast for sure.


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