Creepy Crawleys

spiny-back-spider_smVicky from Gingasquid has sent me a link to Wesley Flemings website. Wesley makes bugs beetles spiders and others. At first I thought he was using Boro which is usually the glass of choice for sculpturers but on closer inspection he uses Effetre. This offers more respect in my opinion as soft glass is nowhere near as forgiving as boro which will harden and not thermal shock, where soft glass will soften and is prone to shocking.


2 Responses to “Creepy Crawleys”

  1. gaffergirls Says:

    just found your wonderful blog….
    beautiful colors…:):):):)

    mona & the gaffer girls

    • borntobeadnz Says:

      hey gaffer girls welcome, thank you for visiting feel free to post comments on any articles taht apply to you and most welcome to use all the information.

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