Hans Godo Frabel

Who thought this was possible using a torch but alas he is the master…hansgodofrabel

Hans Godo Frabel had a vision to bring his unique glass art in the homes of anyone interested in glass art. To achieve this goal, he started a Studio Edition line of his one-of-a-kind glass sculptures, which offers virtually any glass art enthusiast the possibility to afford a Frabel. This Studio Edition line is Hans Godo Frabel’s equivalent of signed limited edition prints of one-of-a-kind paintings. A Frabel Studio Edition is not limited in numbers created, but every design will be retired after a certain period of time. Any Studio Edition Frabel is created entirely by hand, and therefore, no two Studio sculptures will ever be exactly alike.

This is why they are referred to as “multiple originals”. Some of these Studio Edition sculptures are modified designs of famous museum sculptures, such as the “Hammer and Nails”, which has been traveling museums since 1979 and the dripping faucet, entitled “In the Middle of the Night”, which is in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution.

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