Madhatters Tea Party (Read Beads of Courage below as well)

Thank you to everyone who made it and I’m so sorry that you all couldn’t make it as we had an amazing!! party. The day was fantastic and we had really great weather (thank you Mr Universe, sorry Sydney).

 I have to ask did anyone actually drink any tea? Sporting a hangover I found that no tea pots were used so as a Tea Party I guess we failed miserably. But if we had a bubbles and beer party I think we were somewhat successful. As far as the Madhatter goes we were very successful, thanks to everyone who came hatted out, my hat got ditched early as it slowly collapsed and eventually I had tunnel vision with no peripheral capability… or maybe that was the bubbles mmmm. We even had the caterpillars tent which sported a Shisha that hasn’t been used for many many years, with a dedicated friend on the coal hunt, some kiwi ingenuity and a little garden hose we got the blasted thing puffing, note to lampworkers the torch is the ultimate shisha coal lighter 🙂 (oh yes what happened to all my lighters from the studio people?)

Alas at 2am we were discussing the pitfalls of dolphins, the etiquette of sporting a giant inflatable rat in protests, and the irritation of being in Countdown behind an Elephant with a giraffe at the head of the queue trying to fish out his money without opposable thumbs (I kid you not)… Madhatters tea party a success? Hell yes.


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