Crystal Mountain

I just recently drove past Crystal Mountain in Waitakere. It was a fabulous and very inspirational journey. I found the colours and shapes in the crystals and gems to very similar to glass and hope to mimic some of these colours and shapes. Have a look at below images and then look at the post on Sarah Hornik, you’d be surprised what can be achieved when inspired by gems. I also met an amazing kitten Siamese but very naughty. If you visit and catch him he is very loving but as most naughty kittens he bites when he gets excited. I simply blew a puff of air and said no and he became tame as anything, very cute. They also sell strands of gems and crystals so may be worth investigating if you enjoy putting natural stones and crystals with your beads. There is an image below where I wanted to show you how placing too many beads can be overwhelming. When merchandising your stalls, galleries or shops I would suggest less is more. have a look and let me know what you think.


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