Clarity on clear

Lauscha clear is without a doubt my favourite, but in being vocal about this I have discovered that we all have our own faves. Depending on the COE that you are working with you no doubt have your own favourites. What I can advise if you ever get the option is to hand pick your rods. Effetre clear in my experience is quite a dirty clear and often has lines of fine bubbles known in the industry as scratches.


2 Responses to “Clarity on clear”

  1. glitzartglass Says:

    I like the clarity of Lauscha, but have stopped using it because I had a few encased beads crack on me. The awful bit was that it didnt happen right away, but waited till they were mounted and had been around for a couple of weeks to show up.
    I have bought some Crystal Clear – Effetre, I think?? – but havent tried it yet.
    Love the blog – what a great idea!

    • borntobeadnz Says:

      Hey Lesley, thanks for using my blog. yes I have had the same issue with Lauscha. My understanding is although the same COE, COE is within a full range i.e. COE 104.1 to 104.999. Some colours of Effetre range are at the lower end of 104 and some Lauscha at the higher end 104 and as such are not compatible too much varience within 104. That’s unconfirmed but made sense as I have found specifically the Effetre Opaque Lapis, light, medium and cobolt are most certainly not compatible with lauscha. Naturally these would be my favourite colours to use (sigh)

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